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Full Bathroom Remodel or Small Enhancements?

A bathroom design is an incredibly important design in regards to maximizing your overall experience. However, when it comes to a new bathroom or a remodel, it can be a bit overwhelming in terms of finding out what you really need. Large bathroom remodels can be extremely rewarding, but they can also be very expensive. […]


Three Easy Bathroom Updates you can Do on your Own Today

When it comes to updating your bathroom, things can get a bit confusing or overwhelming. This is especially true if you have never done any remodels or renovations by yourself before. However, you do not need to do anything crazy in order to update your bathroom in a way that will be beneficial for you. […]


How to Know if it’s Time to Update or Remodel Your Bathroom

Depending on a multitude of different factors, a bathroom update or remodel may be just around the corner for you. There are several reasons as to why this might be the case for you, all of which are likely warranted. This guide will go over everything you might need to know about whether or not […]


Determine How Many Bathrooms Your Household Needs

There are several things to consider when trying to determine how many bathrooms are needed in a home design. Various factors come into play, especially in regards to home size, design and other contributing factors. Here is everything you need to know when determining how many bathrooms your specific household needs. The Standard Rule When […]


Quick Tips to Increasing Home Value Room by Room

Master Bathroom In general, a full master bathroom can add about 5.7% to the overall value of a home. In a dollar amount, that comes out to an increase of about $17,000 – $18,000. Of course these numbers could change depending on several different factors. A master bathroom adds comfort, relaxation and style to a […]


Top 30 Ideas and Products to Create Your Dream Bathroom

Beautiful Rain Style Shower Head A rain style shower can be one of the most rewarding pieces of your shower design. The relaxing flow of the water from the shower head is both unique and luxurious. Rain style shower heads will be mounted in a fashion that allows the water to fall straight down. This […]


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New Bathroom Sinks Just in Time for Spring -

The Energy Collection combines a beautiful thin-edge with excellent ceramic durability -

Are you looking to update your bathroom but don't have much time? Check out our recent blog that includes small, quick tips that can significantly improve your bathroom.
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How to Install a Toilet Paper Holder #modobath #toiletpaperholder #design #howto

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